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SMS Marketing

Connect Brand offers expert services for all your m-advertising needs.  Mobile advertising has the strong potential to reach prospective customers for your brand within a short time.  Compared to any other advertising mode, mobile advertising targets individual consumers and brings them within the reach of your brands. Mobile advertising  with its exceptional features is more effective than traditional advertising. World is still exploring the potential of mobile advertising.

Too Personal

Mobile advertising resembles selling in person at a brick and mortar store.  Mobile phones have entered the personal space of individuals and have more opportunities to influence individuals to decide favourably on purchasing your branded product. Now-a-days, mobile apps have the privilege to know all personal information about individuals. Mobile phones accompany individuals wherever they go and have become a part of their lives.  Though mobile phones have made the personal space very closed, mobile advertising has the advantage of reaching them at any point of time, twenty hours of any day. 

Interactive at all Levels

Your mobile ads can reach a prospective customer with confirmed sales conversion.  Whatever ads your brand shares with an individual gains the maximum credibility for it has the maximum benefit of being shared with people who are near and dear.  With high-end mobile phones, a prospective customer can reach you with their likings and suggestions through messages, e-mails or reach you over phone. Your brands with the mobile web pages can help your target audience to explore more about your products at their own convenience and their choice of products can turn into revenues bringing in more customers consistent and continuous for days to come.

Why mobile advertising with Connect Brand

We, at Connect Brand, help you to choose what to say and when to say to your prospective customer. Mobile advertising choose limited number of words, eye-captivating images, pictures or graphics that can motivate an individual to decide in favour of your brand. The mobile apps give more space for your ads and assured promises of more funds.  A prospective customer can bring in more customers to your brand even if they did not choose your brand now but may prompt their friends or others to do so.